Tables Updated: June 2017

Why Create Chromebook Comparison Tables?

Because, Shopping for a Chromebook

is So Complicated!

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The idea for this website grew out of my frustration in trying to shop and compare Chromebooks from Amazon’s website.

If you are like me, you probably tried to learn about Chromebooks by shopping at Amazon’s website.

Yes, most of the Chromebooks are there — the newest and the older (sometimes) outdated ones. However, there are so many choices, and you have to scroll deep down into the “specs” or “technical details” of each Chromebook’s Amazon webpage to try to understand what you are really looking at.

After looking at 10 or 20 different Chromebook offerings, they all start to blur together, and comparing them becomes impossible.

chromebook comparison tables charts 2017If you have had a similar “Amazon” Chromebook Shopping-Experience, like me, then you know how much pain you have experienced in this Hours or days of your precious time may have been utterly wasted on this complicated task.

In my own efforts, I tried to go to outside technology review sites, to get more information and understanding. However, most of these technology sites simply had a single review about a “New Chromebook Release” (often dated, as these articles aged, but were still online), and these sites almost never showed any comparison table of the most current options.

Occasionally, I could find other websites that did offer true Chromebook Comparison Tables… …but they were usually not maintained or updated, and did not show images, or “real-time” comparison-prices, or illustrate the fine specification details (or “tips”) for comparison shopping.

Further, why can’t I find tables created that  categorize Chromebooks by screen size, or processor type, or by other features –the way I dreamed they should?

ARGH —  So…Now You Understand Why I Created This Site!’s Main-Goal

 To Make Chromebook Comparison Tables “Easy”  

(…with Simplified Tables & Visuals)

The First Step:

To Create a 2017 Chromebook-Comparison “Master Table”….

… to give you a “30000 Feet” General Overview of all the main category choices.

This Master Chromebook Comparison Table includes an overview of the relevant Chrome Operating System Devices:  

We’re talking — a summary table of the many various-sized Chrome-Books, Chrome-Boxes, Chrome-Bases (AIOs), Chrome-Bits, and Chrome-Touchscreens.

This Table Format facilitates narrowing down the options easily by focusing on “Screen-Size” & “Processing-Power” desired.


On The Master Chromebook Comparison Table Page — you will be able to Double-Click on The Table to open up and use the Embedded Clickable-Links.

These Links will allow you to directly visit and review each specific device model at Amazon more effectively.

best chromebook comparison table

Example of a “Sub-Grouping” Table

The Second Step:

As much as the Master-Table creates a comprehensive generalized overview of the Chromebook Options….more specific tables were needed to display more specific details on each device.

For this reason Specific “Screen-Size Shopping/Comparison Tables” were created to supplement the Master-Table, proving more focus on the available devices based on “Screen-Size.”

These more narrow, specific, “Screen-Size Shopping-Comparison Pages” contain “Screen-Size Specific” Tables** — that pull in the actual Product-Photo and Real-Time Current-Price from

** If the Photos are not displaying on our “Shopping Comparison-Table” Sub-Pages:  then… you will need to “Click Disable” in your “AD-Blocker” Browser-Extension (…because these tables actually populate with Amazon’s “Real-Time” Price-“AD” Data).

best chromebook comparison table and chart

Data within a Cell of a “Sub-Grouping” Table

This format should allow your eyes to easily scan across any row on these Sub-Grouping Tables — to quickly compare similar devices (across just one Chromebook Sub-Grouping).

For example, one row will show all the same Screen-Size and same Processor-Type devices — such as:  (13″ Screens + Bay-Trail Processors) — so that your eye can very quickly group and compare these — without the need to actually visit the Amazon website to get these detailed  specs for each Chromebook (see image).

You’ll find Each Devices’ Specifications, within each Table-Cell — just to the right of each Specific Chromebook’s “Amazon Pricing-AD Photo”  (see image).

These “Shopping Sub-Tables” will include the Best Chromebooks of 2017 (in “Size-Grouped” 11″, 13″, 14″ & 15″ Tables),…

…but more Tables have been developed to help with comparing and contrasting other devices (as seen in the Master-Table) to include 2017 ChromeBoxes, ChromeBases (AIO-Desktops), and ChromebBits.

Chromebook Cloud Printer Table Tips

Data within a Cell of a Cloud-Printer Table

The Third Step:

Finally, even though society is moving to the cloud for storage (especially with free Google Drive Storage), the reality is that we still need to print documents sometimes.

Therefore, an extensive Cloud Printer Comparison Tables Page has been dedicated toward categorizing the most useful and Best Chromebook 2017 “Cloud-Ready” Printers.

Just like the in the Chromebook Sub-Tables, within the Cells of these Cloud-Printer Sub-Tables, you’ll find an Amazon Photo, Real-Time Pricing, and the Key Specifications listed for each printer (see image).

Without these Chromebook-Capable Cloud-Printer Tables, the shopping experience for a New Cloud-Printer is almost a much of a nightmare as it is for a New Chromebook.

These Updated Cloud-Printer Comparison-Tables should also save you hours of time — making comparing and contrasting, narrowing and refining, your Cloud Printer Options a breeze compared to surfing the web or amazon specific product pages!



Once you buy a Google Cloud-Capable Printer — you are not finished.  

Unfortunately, you still need to set it up.

Each printer manufacturer has their own proprietary software.  

It is easier if someone walks you through the set up process, step by step.

Therefore, in the cell of some of these printers, you will see a link to a Set-Up Video for some of these printers.

These “Set-Up Links” will take you to a YouTube video — where you can watch, rewind, repeat the Printer’s Set-Up Process to allow your Chromebook to reach it and print!

The nice thing about these Video Tutorials is that you can pause, “rewind,” and re-watch them….again, with the goal that you don’t waste hours on this sometimes confusing process.

The 2017 Chromebook Advantage!

Chromebooks, because…

Low-Cost, Light, Fast, Maintenance-Free

best chromebook comparison tables and charts

Various Chromebooks/boxes

The beautiful thing about Chromebooks are that they are so much lower in cost than Windows or Mac Machines.

Therefore, you may be able to afford more than one – just check the tables and you’ll be amazed at the over all affordability.

I have bought and used multiple Chromebooks, Chromeboxes, and Google Cloud Printers with a an average yearly expense far under what I used to spend on Windows or Macs with all their required proprietary software.

As I have time, I’ll blog about my experiences, illustrate some of the explain tips and tricks that I’ve learned, hoping that I may help make your Chromebook experience even better.

About Your Fellow “Chromebooker”

After years of using Windows and Apple products, I can’t tell you how much cleaner, easier, more efficient Chromebooks have made my work life.

Given my enthusiasm, and the very low cost, I hope to encourage you to take the plunge, and give a Chromebook a try.

I believe that most Chromebook adopters will not miss their Windows or iOS machines.

best chromebook comparison tables and charts

Fellow Chromebooker

Hopefully this site will spark your interest in joining the Chromebook Club; or help you to get the most out of one, if you are just starting with Chromebooks.

Best of luck to in your research efforts in your quest to find the best Chromebook in 2017 to meet your personal and specific needs. Thank you again for visiting; and for your support of this Chromebook Review & Comparison site.

Sincerely, Your Fellow Chrome-Booker.

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