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How to “Really” Make a Chromebook Child Safe

The Problem With Parental Controls Parental Controls on a Chromebook are Worthless.   Ok… maybe these so called “Parental Controls” (accessed in the setting area of the chrome browser, see illustration to the right) are partially helpful – but not really. Let me explain. Parental Controls, at their most draconian level, seem to allow the parent or […]

Disconnecting the Chromebook WiFi Card Cables


Chromebook Printing with Cloud Print

Chromebook Printing Made Easy   To use your Chromebook to its fullest, you’ll need need to learn how to do Chromebook printing. Chromebook printing seems daunting, at first, because you can not hook your Chromebook up to a printer directly through a USB cable – as you have been accustom to doing all these years with your PC […]

Video Creation with a Chromebook

Video Creation with a Chromebook is Easy   As per my last post, Photo editing with a Chromebook is a breeze.   No need for costly PC or Mac machines with their resource hogging software editors. Likewise, Video Creation with a Chromebook is also very simple — all from the cloud if  you please. There are many ways to […]


Pixler Screenshot

Photo Editing with a Chromebook

Photo Editing with a Chromebook is Easy   The goal of switching over to a Chromebook from a standard personal computer is to find apps or online software that do not reside on your Chromebook but rather reside in the cloud and operate simply in your browser. Working with your photos & pictures is one task that […]