Best Chromebook 2017 Comparison Tables & Charts

Use These Specialized 2017 Chromebook Comparison Table & Charts to Find Your Best Chromebook!!

Updated: June 17

1) The Big Overview: The Master 2017 Chromebook Comparison Table

(i.e. “The Forest”)

best-chromebooks-2017-comparison-table-chartDouble-Click on Table –> to View as “Clickable” PDF

2) Narrowing it Down: Size-Specific Shopping-Tables / Amazon “Buying-Guides”

(i.e. “The Trees” in the Forest)

First: Decide on Screen-Size…

Then: Compare Specs…

11 Inch ChromeBooks

2017 chromebook comparison table      Example of a “Screen-Size” Specific Shopping-Table

13 Inch ChromeBooks

14 Inch ChromeBooks

15 Inch ChromeBooks




Purpose of this Site:

….is simple: its to help you to grasp the differences between the many Chromebooks – so that the best one can be chosen to meet you specific needs.

There are so many Chromebooks – don’t bother starting with specific “Review Articles” of each model….that would be simply too overwhelming.

Instead, use these custom crafted“Visuals” — ie: Tables, Charts & Infographics — to first effectively group, sort, and understand the big picture between these devices…

…then, once you understand the lay of the “forest,” your next step can be to start to focus on the individual “trees.”

At least that is the method that I had to go through in order to understand one Chromebook vs the other….

….and hence, the reason that I created this site and more specifically the Master 2017 Chromebook Comparison Table (i.e. “The Forest” — as seen above) &  Screen-Size Specific Amazon Shopping Tables (i.e. “The Trees” — as seen below the Master Table or Chart, above).

The “Master Table” is are really just “Summary-Chart” of all the various the 2017 Chromebooks & Chrome-boxes/bases/bits.

The more specific shopping “Sub-Tables” use Amazon ADs to pull in the seller’s photo and current price data for each device (ie: into each table cell).  

The advantage here is that the Amazon displays will allow you to immediately see real-time prices and allow for “Cost-Comparisons,” right within the table; plus you can see each models specs that I’ve added next to each photo — allowing you to quickly cross compare devices within the table with ease.   

*Please Note:  If you want to see a photo and the real-time Amazon Price of each device (in these Shopping Sub-Tables) – then you will need to disable your “AD Blocker Extension.”   (PS: I sincerely thank you if you use these affiliate links to help support this site!)

General Buying Tips:

First:  You have to decide how you want to use your Chromebook/box — in order to really get the most out of your investment.

Then, consider Chromebook Specs — like processor speed, amount of RAM and size of the SSD (flash hard drive), touch/tablet capability, screen resolution and ISP/type, battery life, weight, width, wi-fi connection speed capabilities, etc…

Things to Consider:

a) If you want something to quickly grab, move around the house and surf even on your lap, maybe even with your finger in tablet-mode, then go with an 10.1-11.6 inch Chromebook and separate those based on which type of processor you desire.

b) If you want a bigger screen, and intend to use it mostly at a table or desk (and not expect to carry it all around like an ipad), then go with the larger 13 inch Chromebook — and next decide if you want a powerful and very fast processor (Core i3, Celeron Broadwell) or a medium speed Haswell, or slower but longer-lasting battery model (ie: Celeron Bay Trail, ARM Tegra, Rockchip or Exynos).

c) If you want to get as close to a large desktop replacement laptop then go with one of the more “jumbo or monster size” 14 inch Chromebook or 15 inch Chromebook

d) Finally, if you work all day on your chromebook, why not just pick up two large dual monitors (swiveling them to vertical mode), and hook them up side-by-side into your Chromebox (or add one extra monitor to a Chromebase)?  

Imagine the screen real estate!… and enjoy the freedom of allowing your mouse to scurry seamlessly across two independent monitor screens.

Final Thoughts:

So far, this entire website, has actually been created on a low cost older 2 GB / 16 GB Celeron Haswell Chromebox — proving that sometimes the trade off in portability, is overshadowed by the efficiency of large “monitor real estate.”  

So…if know that you would be more efficient, for example, working across two vertically positioned 24 inch dual monitors,  then please do consider getting a Chromebox (or Chromebase) instead of an actual Chromebook laptop.

Given the low prices of Chromebooks, and the fact that all your data is in can be stored or synced directly to your Google Drive or other cloud based resources, you certainly can explore difference sizes by owning a small, medium and large Chromebook – for the price of a more high end windows or mac laptop.

I sincerely hope that this Master 2017 Chromebook Comparison Table & Sub-Tables and Charts help you make the best choice!  Chromebooker.

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