Best Cloud Printer 2017 Comparison Tables (for Chromebooks)

Best Cloud Printers in 2017

Cloud Printer Comparison “Made-Easy” Tables

Cloud Printers for Chromebook Printing - Best of 2016

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Help!!! There are so many Cloud Printers!

How am I going to decide….???

Sound familiar?  

This is the exact problem experienced in picking from the numerous Chromebooks out there (ie: see Chromebook Tables & Charts Page).

There is literally a “boat-load” of Google Cloud Printers listed at Google’s Cloud Print Page – which lists each major printer manufacturer’s units that are “Cloud Ready.”

Cloud Ready Printers allow for Chromebooks to directly connect to them through Google’s Servers (ie: when you’re logged into your Google Account they’ll show up in your printer pick list).

You’ll go absolutely crazy if you try to choose the right cloud printer by studying long tables of all the Cloud Ready printers on the market.  

The Best Way to Select A “Cloud-Ready Printer” is to First:

Decide on what you want to do with it!

Buying Considerations:

The 4 tables below break the best cloud printers in 2017 into 4 feature groups for easy comparisons.  

Chromebook Cloud Printer Table Tips

Cloud Printer Tips – for Tables Below

You’ll need to pick one of the 4 tables to study based on which feature group you desire.   For example… 

Table 1: Monochrome-Lasers (great for work/school purposes).

Table 2: Color-Ink Jets (if you need to add color to your print & copy).

Table 3: Color-Lazer (a step up from Color-Ink Jets, but more costly).

Table 4: Small AIOs (for low volume color, including photo prints).

These tables select the printers with the most options (ie: “bang for the desk space” that they will take up.

There are often several similar printers in each manufacturer’s same model line –> but these 4 tables here — attempt to pick the models that include these key features….

Cloud Print/Scan + Wi-Fi + P/C/S/F + Duplex + ADF  

Key Features: 

Cloud Printer Spec Considerations

Key Features — to consider in a Cloud Printer

Cloud Printing:  Specific software built into the printer to allow for easy chromebook / google account connections without need to hook up a PC/Mac. Note: Sometimes this isn’t even advertised in Amazon’s product listings and some of these printers are not even listed on google’s cloud ready printer listing page as far a I can tell.

Cloud Scanning: Some of these machines allow scanning directly your Google Drive, Gmail, Dropbox, Evernote, or folders in other cloud based accounts.  USB Scanning: Some of these cloud printers also have a USB slots — allowing you to scan directly to a USB thumbdrive.

Wi-Fi:  So you can connect the printer wirelessly directly to your router without a cat 5 cable; and also completely bypass the need to hook it up to a fixed computer which needs to be on all the time.

Print, Copy, Scan, Fax:  P/C/S/F — All-in-One (AIO) printers make the most of your office space!   These multifunction printer, copier, scanner (and maybe fax) AIO units just makes good sense. Unless you have very high volume needs in any one of these PCSF areas, then don’t bother buying an additional separate scanner, printer, fax or copy machine. 

Duplex Printing:  Wouldn’t it be nice to print to both sides if you desire to save on paper costs.  Some of these machines go further than just print to both sides of the sheet but can also Duplex Copy/Fax/Scan from two sided documents.

ADF:  Automatic Document Feeders often overlooked but are must for many of us.  Think about it:  Do you really want to lift the lid, over and over,to place and copy each page of a 10 page document on the glass platen?  Or do you want to just feed the 10 page document quickly through a top loading ADF?  I think you know the answer — the extra bulkiness of that ADF on top is worth it.

Second Paper Tray:  This could be a trade off.  You’ll have to decide.  An extra paper tray will add to the height of your MFP — but can be a plus especially if you sometimes print with a different colored paper that you can leave stored in that second  tray.

Size & Weight:  Of course, you’ll like to compare the Printer’s Dimensions (W”xD”xH”) and Weight.  You’ll need to measure your work space area to make sure that is is going to fit well. Tip: Be sure to check the true operational desk-use “Depth” when in regular use — with the paper trays extended in the back; not the storage depth (sometimes listed and deceiving in the specs) — when the paper tray may be pushed in.

Let’s Go!

Table 1 – Monochrome Lasers:  Let’s start the Best Cloud Printers of 2017 Groupings with arguably the most useful and economical choice for most individuals and small business workers — with Table 1 — The Monochrome Laser MultiFunction Printers.  

After you have studied the Parent Table here, and think you know which one you’ll buy….. Please go one step further and check out the “Sibling Table” (link) to see the other similar monochrome laser MFPs in from that manufacturer (that has many or all of these same Key Features).

These tables took a long time to make because it is so hard to compare specs page by page on amazon or other buying sites.  I hope that they help speed up your comparison “chore” 10 fold!  

Updated: July 2017


Best Monochrome-Laser "Cloud Printers" of 2017 (...with Wi-Fi, Duplex Printing, ADF, Scan & Fax)


25.8 lbs
16.1 x 15.7 x 12.5
Scans to: Email/Cloud
-No scan to USB
+Duplex: P/C/S/F
+Paperport 12
"Sibling Table"
Canon imageCLASS

40.6 lbs
15.4 x 18.6 x 17
Scans to: Email/Cloud
+Scans to: USB
+Duplex: P/C/S/F
"Sibling Table"

24.5 lbs
16.0 x 13.3 x 15.1
Scans to Email
-No scan to USB
+Duplex Print only
+Paperport 14
My Set-up Video
"Sibling Page"
HP LaserJet Pro

28.35 lbs
16.54 X 15.35 X 12.72
Scans to: Email/cloud
+Scan to USB
+Duplex: P/C/S
"Sibling Page"
Samsung Xpress

24.9 lbs
15.8 x 14.3 x 14.4
Scans to: Email/cloud
-No scan to USB
-Duplex: Print only
"Sibling Page
Lexmark (Non-Wi-Fi) Mono Laser

44.0 lbs
18.4 x 15.7 x 18.6
Scans to: Email/File
+Scans to: USB
*Only one: No Wi-Fi

As discussed above, If you run a small business or home office, and want no nonsense Chromebook printing, then the Monochrome Multifunction Laser Printers above are likely the best choice.  

The already low cost per page, with the Monochrome Laser MFPs, can be reduced even further, by simply refilling their print cartridge with a refill kit tool and low cost refill bulk toner — allowing you to get 2 or 3 refills out of each cartridge. 

I’m really happy with our Brother MFC-L2740DW.  The print quality may be a little less crisp compared with our Dell B1265fw, but it wins on the other features it offers. 


Table 2 – Color InkJets:  A runner up choice, very close behind Monochromatic Laser Chromebook Printing, in my opinion, are found in Table 2:  The InkJet Multifunction Printers  — such as those made by Epson.  

With our first chromebooks, I started with an Epson Workforce Multifunction Printer for my family to share at home and admired the cost, features, versatility and easy setup and use.

For us, sometimes having color is nice, but usually black and white prints are all we need and lower cost.  The black ink well is large and can be replaced independently with an oversized chamber upon ink refill.  

These Epson WF MF Printers are easy for kids to master.  They can quickly scan their assignments directly into their own USB thumb-drive from a USB slot located on the front face of these printers.  

Or, even easier, they can scan their assignments directly to their email or even their Google Drive Folders.  

And with the color option, If they need to print something with color, like a map or school assignment, these inkjets excel.

In my quest to find the best Color InkJet Multifunction Printers, I’ve looked for the same features above:

  • Duplex printing, Wi-Fi hookup (no cables needed), Scanning (to the cloud/email and even to USB flash drive), ADF (auto document feeder so I don’t have to copy pages individually on the glass platen), having a second paper tray (so I can leave a light yellow paper in for special print jobs), and a reasonable size the printer doesn’t become a “boat” that takes up 3/4ths of my desk or half of my office.

I think these Epson MFs are a good choice overall!

The only thing I want to warn you about is that if you do not use it often (or it gets too dry – ie: in our living room with the wood burner all winter), there is a chance that the ink will harden in the ink cartridges or the tubing itself.  There is a printer maintenance setting where it runs through a process to clear the ink blockages, but it doesn’t always work.  

We used our original Epson WorkForce Pro for a couple of years.  However, it became clogged and I couldn’t fix it, even by injecting acetone into the cartridge tubing system. That 2015 model has been discontinued and replaced by a new improved 2017 model,  so I think I’ll be getting a new one soon and report back to you on any new thoughts then.

Best Color-InkJet "Cloud Printers" of 2017 (...with Wi-Fi, Duplex Printing, ADF, Scan & Fax)

Epson's 2017 WorkForce Pro Line
Epson WorkForce Pro
WF-3720 (Jan17)

19.9 lbs
17.7 x 19.4 x 9.8
Scan to: Email,
  & file, USB
Single tray
Replaces 3620
Epson WorkForce Pro
WF-4720 (Jan17)

20.1 lbs
19.4 x 16.7 x 9.8
Scan to: Email,
  & file, USB
single tray
Epson WorkForce Pro
WF-4730 (Jan17)

26 lbs
19.8 x 16.7 x 12.8
Scan to: Email,4
  & cloud, USB
dual tray
Replaces 4630
Epson WorkForce Pro
WP-4740 (Jan17)

26.7 lbs
16.7 x 19.8 x 13
Scan to: Email,
  & cloud, USB
dual tray
Replaces 4640

Table 3:  Now if you are really set on a more expensive Multifunction Color Laser, again, looking for Duplex printing (and/or scanning), with an ADF and Glass Platen, Cloud-Print Ready, Wireless networking (except the Lexmark), then you may want to choose from one of the Big Six Manufacturer’s machines below:

Best Color-Laser "Cloud Printers" of 2017 (...with Wi-Fi, Duplex Printing, ADF, Scan & Fax)


51.8 lbs
16.1 x 19.0 x 16.1
Scans to: Email/Cloud
+scan to USB
-$100 for 2nd paper tray
+Paperport / Presto
Canon imageCLASS

68.3 lbs
19.1 x 17 x 18.9
Scans to: Email
+Scans to: USB
Dell Color MF Laser

71.9 lbs
17.3 x 20.8 x 22
Scans to Email, Cloud
+Scan to USB
-2nd 150 page Tray
-$70 for wi-fi adapter
HP LaserJet Pro

51.2 lbs
16.8 x 25.7 x 16.3
Scans to: Email/cloud
+Scan to USB
+2 paper trays
Samsung Wireless Color MF

58.9 lbs
17.8 x 18.5 x 19.9
Scans to: Email
Scan to USB
-$100+ for 2nd p. tray

60.3 lbs
18.4 x 17.5 x 22
Scans to: Email/File
+Scans to: USB
-wireless option & 2nd
paper tray costs extra

Table 4:  And finally, if you are not after a small home office or small business machine and just want something small to fit near your desk, for the occasional print job — but still would like to have some of those very nice features as highlighted in the bigger models above (ie: ADF, Duplex Printing, Scanning, wireless hookup, color inkjet printing for those occasional photos)….. then be sure to compare these four favorites below:

Best Wireless AIO InkJet Color "Cloud Printers" of 2017 (...with Wi-Fi, Duplex Printing, ADF, Scan & Fax)


36.4 lbs
21.8 x 17.0 x 12.2
Scans to: Email,cloud
+scan to USB
+2 paper trays
+Paperport / Presto

25.7 lbs
19.4 x 17.7 x 8.6
Scan to memory
Camera phone print
Media card slot
Epson Expression Premium

21.5 lbs
17.2 x 23.5 x 8.1
-No Scans to Email, Cloud
+Scan to USB
HP Officejet

16.9 lbs
17.9 x 19.8 x 7.6
Scans to: Email
Scan to USB?

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