Best Canon Monochrome Laser Cloud Printers

Comparison Table of the Different Monochrome Laser Canon ImageClass Cloud Printers

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Updated:  July 2017


I personally like the Canon MF141dw — The Best — but oh… the MF247dw is definitely smaller/lighter; so it is a hard call and really depends how heavily you plan on using your ImageClass MF Printer.

Feel free to study this table & read the notes (below) to help you make your own educated decision… 


These Canon Image Class Cloud Printer AIO Multifunction Printers support these…


Six Mandatory Key Features”

LCD Touch Control Panel Cloud Print & Scan  Wi-Fi Connect
 All in One ~ P/C/S +/- Fax Duplex Printing  ADF (doc feeder)

Canon ImageClass Monochrome Laser MultiFunction Cloud Printers Table

(Best of 2017)

Canon ImageClass

Monochromic Laser

Cloud Printer & Scanners

Model #



LCD Panel

3.5″ touch screen3.5″ touch screen3.5″ touch screen

Cloud P/S


ConnectWi-Fi, Ethernet, USBWi-Fi, Ethernet, USB Wi-Fi, Ethernet, USB, NFC
 Paper Trays1+ (or 2)1+ 1 (L)
Legal Paper  YYY
Memory1 GB512 MB1 GB
Print Speed35 ppm 28 ppm29 ppm
Software Presto — Presto
W x D x H (in)15.4 x 18.6 x 1715.4 x 14.7 x 14.217.7 x 18.6 x 18.3
Weight (lbs)40.5626.945.4

Other Notes
 and Tips:

Differences with Sibs:
MF416dw = adds NFC, AdobePS

No Sibs but Similar:
* MF249dw – upgrades to 50p ADF
* MF244dw – downgrades to No Fax

Problems with Sibs:
(L) “Double-Sized” 500p Tray
* D1520 – downgrades to No Fax

Important Table Related Notes:

LCD Control Panel:  Touch screens are more intuitive than the older or less expensive mono line displays that have to be clicked through with a wheel button.  You’ll get spoiled quickly.  Here is a Canon YouTube Video on How to easily Wi-Fi Connect to your Router Network (to allow print/fax/scan wirelessly in minutes).

Cloud Print:  Not only are these Google Cloud Print Ready, but also support AirPrint, Mopria, Canon Print Business.  The Wi-Fi Direct feature can be turned on to allow for wireless printing from a computer or mobile device without the need for a router (if that capability is needed). 

Cloud Scan: Using a touch screen LCD allows you to quickly set up scan to Google Drive (Easy Directions) with these new Canons MF Printers.

USB Scan/Print:  The USB Port in front of the MF414dw and D1550 — allows printing a file from a peripheral USB Flash Drive or scanning to the USB Flash Drive. 

Connect:  Wi-Fi is how most of us go at home – no wires, but it connects to the wireless router and everyone can see it on their device.  However, these also support a Wi-Fi direct setting (can set up to print directly to printer without the router). They have an Ethernet RJ-45 Port (for wired router connection) and USB Port (for wired computer connection) if needed.  The D1550 also has NFC to touch and print from your mobile devices (ie: android and iphones).

ADF:  These units all have ADF.  You’ll be happy you got an automatic document feeder if you make more than a single page copy or scan.  

Duplex:  Doing double side printing and copying is nice with the MF247dw, but it is even nicer if you can scans in duplex as is the case with The MF414dw and D1550 Canon ImageClass MFPs.

Fax:  Might as well get a Super G3 fax machine built in just in case you ever need it; it is just part of the package with these ImageClasses.

Paper Trays:  Having a regular 250 sheet paper drawer and smaller 50 sheet paper feed (almost a true tray – if you can really call it that) for various color or sizes is a nice plus with these Canon Mono Lasers.  I’ll call this combo a 1+ or 1.5 tray in the table.  An additional 500 sheet optional cassette can also be loaded if you feel you need to buy one on a bigger MF400 series units.  The D1550 comes with very large standard 500 sheet tray in place of the standard 250 sheet sized tray — and it also has a large glass platen allowing you to place Legal size documents on it to copy, print, scan, fax without needing the ADF for this job.

Printer’s Memory & Print Speed:   Standard Memory Options — If it isn’t clearly a cost issue then the more the better, I suppose, to assure that if you scan big jobs, that you don’t run out of memory and crash or timeout the machine. Or if you use the fax machine, then it can store a lot of faxes over time if lots of MBs.  Faster print speed is nice, again for large print jobs, but for a few pages – even 28 ppm is relatively very fast.

Size & Weight:  Watch out: 40-45 lbs is significantly heavier than 27 lbs.  Don’t take this lightly (no pun intended).  

Software Bonus:  I guess Presto! Pagemanager is a less costly scanner setup software compared w/ Paperport.  This is probably only really needed if you want to get extra functionality out of your printer on a PC or Mac.

Model Nomenclature Suffixes:  w = wireless, d = duplexing.

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