Best Dell Monochrome Laser Cloud Printers

Comparison Table of the Different Monochrome Laser Dell Cloud Printers

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Updated:  July 2017


I personally like the Dell B1265dfw — The Best — because it provides all these Key Features, with crisp 1200×1200 dpi prints, plus has that “free” copy of Paperport 14 included.

Feel free to study this table & read the notes (below) to help you make your own educated decision… 


These Dell Cloud Printer AIO Multifunction Printers support these…


Six Mandatory Key Features”

Easy LCD Control Panel Cloud Print & Scan  Wi-Fi Connect
 All in One ~ P/C/S +/- Fax Duplex Printing  ADF (doc feeder)

Dell Monochrome Laser MultiFunction Cloud Printers Table

(Best of 2017)

Cloud Printers
& Scanners


Model #



LCD Panel

2-line Mono4.3″ touch screen2-line Mono

Cloud P/S


ConnectWi-Fi, Ethernet, USBWi-Fi, Ethernet, USB Wi-Fi, Ethernet, USB
 Paper Trays 1 or 2 1
Legal Paper  YYY1
Memory64 MB1 GB128  MB
Print Speed27 ppm 40 ppm29 ppm
Software  — Paperport 14
W x D x H (in)16.1 x 15.71 x 12.4817.3 in x 17.2 in x 19.416 x 13.3 x 15.1
Weight (lbs)25.3541.8924.47


Other Notes
 and Tips:

Problems with Sibs:
*E514dw = no fax
*E515dn = no wi-fi
*E310DW – printer only

No Sibs but Similar:
 *B2375dfw (2013)– 40 lbs
*B3460–B5465 range & S2810-5830dn
 – no wi-fi or printer only.
*H825cdw – color sibling (PCmag review)

Problems with Sibs:
*B1163w – no duplex or fax
*B1165nfw – no duplex (cnet review)
*B1260dn – no fax or wi-fi
B1265dnf – no wi-fi

Important Table Related Notes:

LCD Control Panel:  The B1265dfw uses a boring 2 line mono display (non-touch) LCD control panel.  Not as nice as the H815dw with its 4.3″ touch screen control panel, but it still works fine once you get used to it.

Cloud Print:  Not only are these Google Cloud Print Ready, but also support AirPrint, Mopria, and Dell Document Hub App (for Android, iOS, Windows 8 & 10).  The Wi-Fi Direct feature can be turned on to allow for wireless printing from a computer or mobile device without the need for a router (if that capability is needed). 

Cloud Scan:  * E515d can cloud scan w/ OCR into editable searchable files to through the Dell Document Hub to your Google Drive, Dropbox, Evernote, OneDrive.  There is a way to Scan to Gmail but it sounds more complicated than with the other machines (ie: Epson, Brother).  Cloud Prints/Scans are Encrypted too!

USB Scan/Print:  No USB slots but Dell E515dw can scan to network folder or FTP.

Connect:  All these units connect to the router by Wi-Fi (without the need for cables or ethernet ports).  However, if you are using it a wired office building, and the router is far away in a basement, and wi-fi not turned on then having an ethernet port on the back of the printer — to plug in the patch cable into the wall may be needed.  Also, if you want to go right into a stand alone printer, without using the Wi-Fi or Ethernet connection to a router, then a USB connection port from the non-chromebook computer to the printer will be of value to you.  

ADF:  These units all have ADF.  You’ll be happy you got an automatic document feeder if you make more than a single page copy or scan.  

Duplex: You’ll also be happy if you have the option “print to both sides” of a sheet of paper, saving paper.  The H815dw is a 42 lbs boat but it even allows you to run a two sided documents through the ADF and scan both sides; or copy both sides either as a two sided or single sided document.

Fax: Why not? You may or may not use it but it doesn’t seem to add much to the price.  It is nice to have just in case.  Not sure why the “f” suffix behind the E15dw and H515dw is missing but the spec sheets online show that both of these do have faxes (still you might want to double check before you buy to make sure).

Paper Trays:  Two “dual: Trays can come in handy if you are like me and occasionally need to print to a different colored paper — then you don’t need to load it on top of the white standard paper — rather just select to print to the second tray when you hit print through your chrome browser.   The E515dw platen glass is only 8.5″ x 11.8” so can’t hold legal size paper for copy.  However, with some setting changes, legal paper can be copied from the ADF.  Legal paper can be put in the paper tray by pulling a tab to extend the tray out to the back of the printer.   The B1265df can print legal size by opening a small lever at the back of the main tray for manual hand feed but again, the glass platen is only for 8.5″ x 11.” 

Printer’s Memory & Print Speed:   Standard Memory Options — If it isn’t clearly a cost issue then the more the better, I suppose, to assure that if you scan big jobs, that you don’t run out of memory and crash or timeout the machine. Or if you use the fax machine, then it can store a lot of faxes over time if lots of MBs.  Faster print speed is nice, again for large print jobs, but for a few pages – even 27 ppm is relatively very fast.

Size & Weight:  Do consider this!  Unless you are in an office setting, you are clearly going to want a 25 lbs MFP rather than a 42 lbs monster.

Paperport Software Bonus:  Paperport 14 is a ~$100 “free” add-on bonus.  Doesn’t work with chromebooks unless you have another windows machine in which you desktop remote to from the chromebook.  I have to admit, this software is very nice if you like to keep your files on a local machine.  Chromebooks are designed to keep most of your files in the cloud ie: in google drive, dropbox etc – and you can learn to live without paperport, but again if you use windows too, a nice bonus here.

Model Nomenclature Suffixes:  w = wireless, d = duplexing, n = network(able), f = fax.   But Dell doesn’t seem to stick to these rules: ie: their Spec Sheets show both the “siblings” E151dn and E151dw as both having Supper G3 Faxes but the nearly identical E514dw as lacking the fax hardware.

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