Best Samsung Monochrome Laser Cloud Printers

Comparison Table of the Different Samsung Xpress Monochrome Laser Cloud Printers

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Updated:  July 2017


I personally like the Samsung ___ All-in-One Wireless Monochrome Laser Printer — The Best — 

Feel free to study this table & read the notes (below) to help you make your own educated decision… 


These Samsung Xpress Monochrome Laser Cloud Multifunction Printers support these…


Six Mandatory Key Features”

LCD Touch Control Panel Cloud Print & Scan  Wi-Fi Connect
 All in One ~ P/C/S +/- Fax Duplex Printing  ADF (doc feeder)

Samsung Xpress Monochrome Laser MultiFunction Cloud Printers Table

(Best of 2017)

Samsung Xpress

Monochromic Laser

Cloud Printer & Scanners

Model #



LCD Panel

2-line non-touch2-line non-touch

Cloud P/S


ConnectWi-Fi, Ethernet, USB, NFCWi-Fi, Ethernet, USB, NFC
DuplexNo (m)Print
 Paper Trays11
Legal Paper  YY
Memory128 MB128 MB
Print Speed21 ppm29 ppm
Software  —
W x D x H (in)16.6 x 17.6 x 18.815.8 x 14.3 x 14.4
Weight (lbs)18.924.9

Other Notes
 and Tips:

Differences with Sibs:

Differences with Sibs:
* Almost same as M2857FW (not on amazon).

* M2875DW – missing fax

Important Table Related Notes:

LCD Control Panel:  Touch screens make life easier:  These guys only have a mono 2 line LCD display – no touch screen.

Cloud Print:  Samsung makes it easy to set up Google Cloud Print once you register at their SyncThru Web Service (Cloud Print SetUp Directions).

Cloud Scan:   It isn’t as clear to me how easy it is to scan to Google Drive or Google Docs.  I haven’t tried it but in reading their MFP Practical Use Guide   , it looks like you can Scan to Email (see page 34) – directly through the control panel using the scan to server selection: And Scan to Google Docs, Picasa, Facebook, Flickr, Twitter accounts) by “scan to SNS Upload choice (see page 40).  However, you definitely can easily scan with the Samsung Mobile Print App from an Android and iOS devices in hand.

USB Scan/Print:  Both the M2070FW and M2885FW are missing the ability to Print from/Scan to USB Thumb Drive.  Oddly that feature is present on their SL-C1860FW Color MF Printer.   

Connect:  Wi-Fi, Ethernet and USB connections is standard here but the M2070FW and M2885FW both add and nice NFC support feature too. 

ADF:  These units all have ADF:  Both the M2070FW and M2885FW hold 40 pages.  You’ll be happy you got an automatic document feeder if you make more than a single page copy or scan.  

Duplex:  (m)The M2020FW only “manual duplex prints” — you have to turn the pages over and re-insert in the paper tray — I’ll call that a “NO” on the duplex functionality in the table.  The M2885FW has built in automatic duplex printing – much more practical — a shame that still doesn’t duplex scan automatically.

Fax:  Might as well get it just in case you need it or go full chromebook and drop the MS Fax program you are using with your windows PC.

Paper Trays:  The M2070FW has a 150 sheet tray and the M2885FW has a 250 sheet tray; both have one sheet manual multi-purpose bypass trays.

Printer’s Memory & Print Speed:   Both the M426fdw and M227fdw have the same listed 128 MB standard memory – no differences to compare here.

Size & Weight:  Both of these units, the M2070FW and M285FW, are much less than the 40 lbs range you may see with other models.  Not bad for all the functionality.

Software Bonus:  No Paperport or Presto as you may be able to pick up with a Dell or Brother MF Printer as seen on the parent chromebook cloud printer table/page.

Model Nomenclature:   We are looking for w = wireless, d = duplexing (Not sure why the M2885FW doesn’t throw a D into the suffix as it does duplex print). 

ProXpress Series:  The table above only reviews the Xpress Monochrome Multifunction Printers.  There is a more expensive, business use B&W Multifunction Line from Samsung called: ProXpress.  These are much heavier and bigger printing 40-47 ppm.  You may want to check out the MF ProXpress M3370FW on Amazon.  I may study it closer and include it in the table when I have more time.

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