Photo Editing with a Chromebook

Photo Editing with a Chromebook is Easy


Several Free Video Editors are available at the Chrome Web Store

Several Free Video Editors are available at the Chrome Web Store

The goal of switching over to a Chromebook from a standard personal computer is to find apps or online software that do not reside on your Chromebook but rather reside in the cloud and operate simply in your browser.

Working with your photos & pictures is one task that you may have previously done using MS Paint, Adobe Photoshop, Gimp etc.

These traditionally large, sometimes costly, software products have typically been installed on an individual computer’s hard drive.

Then when the computer ages, and a new one purchased…. what a pain to transfer the software, or even have to purchase a never version (that is now compatible with the new updated operating system).

However, that is not how it has to be…wouldn’t it be nice to never install another program again on your desktop or laptop?

Take a look here!  

So far, I’ve created every page of this website with my Chromebooks or Chromeboxes (right in it’s Chrome Browser) with the use of free online apps — no expensive Microsoft or Apple Software is necessary!

One of my favorite photo editing software products is called Pixlr Editor.

It is a free app.  Just go to the Chrome Web Store at: …and install the app to your chrome browser, per the picture below:

Photo Edit from your chromebook

Photo Edit with Pixlr App


Pixlr added to Chromebook Apps

Once it is installed you’ll see it when you click on “Installed Apps” Icon of your Chromebook, in the left lower corner of your screen – as shown on the “Chromebook Desktop” screen in the second image here.

Then you can click on the icon, from there, to open Pixlr in a new browser tab, and click the File tab in Pixlr to upload your file. Pixlr even integrates with other devices and folders.  

For example, when I take a photo with my cell phone, I can drop it right into Google Drive.  Later, when back on my Chromebook, I can find the photo in my Drive folder, right click on it, choose “open with Pixlr” — and boom – the photo opens, in Pixlr — right in another browser tab.

Pixler Screenshot in Use in Browser

Pixler Screenshot in Use in Browser

From there, you can touch it up, add filters & numerous effects, crop it, resize it, save it into various file formats, and save the modified work to various locations such a Flickr, Facebook, Picassa, or a Pixlr library or right to your Chromebook’s flash drive (where you can then store it or move it to anywhere you want).

 Once you save your image back to your Chromebook, you may even want to condense the image’s size.

There are two excellent & free, online programs that I use to condense images.

I highly recommend both of them!

For JPEG images try JPEGmini (

For the Larger-Sized PNG files – consider shrinking those down with TinyPNG (

To use these: simply open chromebook’s file folder, find your image, drag it into the “drop photo here” box found on each company’s respective webpage, wait a few seconds for processing to be completed, then download the “shrunk” file back to your chromebook — and wha-la, your image will have been reduced in size (often markedly), and almost always without your ability to perceive the difference.

This image file reduction will come in handy if you want to email, or post a high-resolution, high-MB sized photo from your smart-phone camera.

Anyway, as you can see, like most other routine computer tasks, you can do photo editing with a chromebook, easily online, right from your chromebook (or chromebox’s) Chrome Browser. Sorry Microsoft and Apple, one more reason to dump you and say goodbye.  

I seem to be getting along well without you for the last couples of years and do not plan buying expensive and bulky operating system.

Take the jump, spend the time, and learn to do Photo Editing with a Chromebook “in the Cloud” — it will pay off big over the long run!

Best of Luck from Your Fellow Chrome-Booker.


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