Best 11 Inch Chromebook 2017 Comparison Shopping Table

best 11 chromebook

Best 11 inch Chromebooks — “Simplified” by Splitting them into Processor Groups

Updated: June 2017

Best 11 Inch Chromebook Comparison Table (2017)

Core-i3 (4th-Gen 4005U 1.7 GHz Intel Dual Core) 11 inch Chromebooks

Acer C720
C720-3404; Jul14

2.8 lbs, 0.75"
4 GB / 32 GB
N / 8.5h
462-9515; Oct14

2.9 lbs, 1"
4 GB / 16 GB
N / 10h

Broadwell Celeron (3rd Gen 3205U 1.5GHz Intel Dual Core) 11 inch Chromebooks

Acer C740
C740-C3P1; Jan15

2.9 lbs, 0.9"
2GB / 16GB
AC / 9h
Acer C740
C740-C4PE; Jan15

2.9 lbs, 0.9"
4 GB / 16GB
AC / 9h

Haswell Celeron (2nd-Gen 2955U 1.4GHz Intel Dual Core) 11 inch Chromebooks

730-8301; Aug14

2.9 lbs, 1"
4 GB / 16 GB
N / 10h
Acer C720P (touch)
C720P-2457; July14

2.8 lbs, 0.75"
4 GB / 32 GB
N / 7.5h
Acer C720 (non-touch)
C720-2848; Oct13

   No Photo
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2.8 lbs, 0.75"
2 GB / 16 GB
N / 8.5h
Lenovo ThinkPad X131e
628323U; Jan13 (old)

3.9 lbs, 1.3"
4 GB / 16 GB
AC / 6.5h
Keyboard w/ pointer
Older Celeron 1007U 1.5GHz

Braswell (N3050-3160) / Bay-Trail (N2830-2940) Celeron 11 inch Chromebooks

HP Chromebook 11 5G
X9U02UT; Jan17

2.5 lbs, 0.81"
4 GB / 16 GB
AC / 13h
Other Versions:
Touch & G5
Acer R11 Convertible (touch)
CB5132T-C1LK; Aug16

2.8 lbs, 0.76"
4 GB / 32 GB
AC /10h
1366 x 768 IPS
Tablet mode!
Lenovo 11e Chromebook

3.3 lbs, 0.9"
4 GB / 16 GB
AC / 8h
Tablet Version
Samsung Chromebook 3
XE500C13; Feb16

2.54 lbs, 0.7"
4 GB / 16 GB
AC / 11h
Asus Chromebook 11
C202‑SA-YS02; Mar16

2.65 lbs, 0.9"
2GB / 16 GB
N / 10h

*rubber edged
CRM3120-1667BLK; Feb15

2.7 lbs, 1"
2 GB / 16 GB
N / 10h
Samsung Chromebook 2
XE500C12; Oct14

2.65 lbs, 0.66"
2 GB / 16 GB
AC / 9h
Lenovo N20P IdeaPad (touch)
N2830, 59418460; Jun14

2.9 lbs, 0.71"
2 GB / 16 GB
AC / 8h
+Flips to 300°

Rockchip ARM (RK3288 1.8 GHz cortex A-12) 11 inch Chromebooks

Asus Chromebook 11
C201; May15

2.16 lbs, 0.7"
4 GB / 16 GB
AC / 13h
CTL J4+ (IPS) Chromebook 11
NBCJ4+; Sept15

2.4 lbs, 0.76"
4 GB / 16 GB
AC / 9h
*IPS Display
Hisense Chromebook C12
C12; Jul15

2.4 lbs, 0.76"
2 GB / 32 GB
AC / 8.5h
Pon2 Chromebook 11
LT0101-01US; Aug15

2.4 lbs, 0.76"
2 GB / 16 GB
AC / 8.5h

Color Coding Tips – Used in the Cells of the Best 11 inch Chromebooks Comparison Table Above:

Grey – indicates “base” model (ie: usually just with minimal 2 GB/ 16 GB; and 1366 x 768 screen).

Blue – indicates a step up in the Ram or Hard Drive Memory to the 4 GB or 32 GB range, respectively.

Red – Indicates a step up in the screen ie: ISP quality or Touch-Screen Capability.

Orange – is used to draw you attention to any other miscellaneous items of interest ie: G5 cellular capability.

Notes:  Much time has been taken to organize all this Chromebook Comparison Table information but still please cross-check anything you think is of critical importance before you buy to assure that no errors are listed here and that our source information was not incorrect.

 11 Inch Chromebook Love


Best 11 inch Chromebook

An 11 inch Chromebook is only about the size of a standard 8.5 x 11″ Sheet of Paper.

“The Little Guy”

The 11 inch Chromebooks are my personal favorites.  

I have two 11 inch Chromebooks, and I still can’t get over how thin, light and portable these are.  

They are a joy grab, turn on in just an instant, quickly surf or email, then slap shut, and with one hand – easily drop into your backpack.  

They are super light and rugged.  They run all day without needing a charge.  They are quiet and run cool.

You can see from the photo, that they are only about the size of a sheet of standard 8 x 11 inch paper.

These can be plugged into larger monitors through their HDMI ports, if more heavy duty computer work is required — but their real benefit is their grab and go portability.


What is the Best 11 Inch Chromebook?

A) The Infographic (top of page) will help you start to understand the process in finding the best 11 inch chromebook to fit your needs.  It illustrates how these 11 inchers can be split up based on processor type.  

The Rockchip ARM processors are the slowest on the left, and the speed and power gradually pick up as one progresses to the right…all the way to Core i Chromebooks.

B) The Buying Guide Table (above), shows the fastest groupings (ie: Core i3) at the top of the table, and as one moves downward in the table, they will end with the slowest (ie: Robckchip) processor 11 inch devices.

best 11 inch chromebook

Example of Data in each Cell of a Shopping “Sub-Table” (as Below)

The Buying Guide Table not only shows the Amazon photo/real time price but next to each device you’ll find the Table Tips (Specs) of each device w/ highlighting to point out important differences between similar options.

Don’t necessarily just go with the latest greatest newest 11 inch Chromebook, but rather look at their processors and other features, to match up the “sweet spot” — between desired features and price — to best match your needs without wasting unnecessary money.

For example, a 3-4 year old Haswell may actually perform better than my new Rockchip (ie: compare the Octane Performance Scores among models on the Chromebook Comparison Master Table).

Hopefully the information here will help in your education and further research of best 11 inch Chromebooks and allow you to pick the best one to fit your individual needs!

Buying Considerations

For the 11 inch Chromebooks Shopping Comparison-Table (above) ~


There are several 11 inch Chromebook choices, separated into groupings based on processor model number & described in detail below.  On Info-graphic above – Slowest to Fastest goes Left to Right.

  • 4005U “Core i3” & 3205U “Broadwell” (by Intel) — These Newest most powerful CPUs make these 11 inch Acer and 11 inch Dell Chromebooks zip.  They are more costly than the other processors found on other 11 inch chromebooks —  and really not necessary for simple laptop browsing & office work, so you’ll have to decide on how much power you really will use, and want to pay for, in deciding.
  • 2955U “Celeron Haswell” (Intel) — Even though introduced in 2013, into Chromebooks, this older 2nd Generation Haswell (microarchitecture) processor was still the fastest and most powerful in the 11 inch category for a long time.  However,  although still very capable, they are now being phased out, replaced by Broadwell Celerons and the Core i Series chips — with can finally post gains over these older Celeron Haswells (where the Bay Trails, Tegras, Exynox CPUs could not).  Given their phase out (discontinued status), these can be still a great value for the money where found on Amazon.
  • N2830 “Celeron Bay Trail” (Intel) — Uses very low power to achieve long lasting battery life (2.16 GHz Intel Celeron Dual Core) unfortunately noticeably slower than the Core Series, Broadwell and Haswell Celeron Intel Processors above.
  • RK3288 “RockChip” ARM Cortex-A17 (Rockchip) —  Newish (2015) low cost, very efficient, low power, multi-tasking Quad-core (1.8 GHz) SoC ARM helping to keep newest chromebooks at very low, budget-cost, prices (ie: Haier and Hisense Chinese companies).
  • 5420 Exynos 5 octa ARM (Samsung) — a late 2013 Samsung  Exynos Chip (1.9 GHz dual core ARM ) that is slower than the 2955U Haswell above; and about the same as the N2830 “Bay Trail” above.  I’ve removed these from the table as too dated now.
  • 5250 Exynos 5 dual ARM (Samsung) — I’d forget this one, it is the slowest of the pack, don’t fall for it (1.7 GHz Samsung ARM dual-core from 3Q-2012) — found on the Original Samsung 11 inch 2012 model & the older HP Chromebook 11-1101.  Too old:  Also removed from table above.

       *Note:  Tegra K1 A15 ARM (Nvidia) — Not found on any of the 11 inch Chromebooks that I’ve seen.  This ARM is “medium” powerful & with low battery consumption properties (a 2.1 GHz 4+1 Quad Core ARM Cortex-A15 Processor) ie: found in the Acer 13 inch, HP 14 inch Chromebooks.


Screen Display:

  • All 11 inch screen size ChromeBooks above have a resolution of:  1366 x 786 (720p) – so this spec isn’t listed in the table above as it just takes up more room;
    • Note: The 13-15 inches Chromebooks now give you the choice of two 16:9 aspect ratio screens with:  a) 1366 x 786 (HD/720p) or b) 1920 x 1080 (FHD/1080p).
    • Now in 2017: You’ll have to decide if you need a Flip, Touch or Convertible “flip to Tablet” Mode device in the 10-11 inch Category.
  • IPS display is better than the older TFT displays. There are a few IPS 11 inch offerings (ie: HP 11 inch, CTL J4+ 11 inch, but most 11 inch are just TFT. 
  • Some like Glass (gloss) because sharper clearer display but can reflect sunlight or florescent lights more than duller Matte Displays.
  • If you want to Shrink the screen or make it Larger you can easily adjust with CTRL + (magnify) or CTRL – (shrink).


Other Tips:

  • Wi-Fi:  Why not pick the faster AC Wi-Fi device over the slower N Wi-Fi – if the price is nearly the same on the other specs.  
  • Cellular Capability:  HP Chromebook 11 inch Braswell model out Jan 2017.
  • Weight and Thickness:  Found within each table cell (the top spec line in each cell – to the right of the photo):–  there is a difference here! I like mine light and thin: so please compare these specs carefully before your purchase and always cross-check before you buy. 
  • Memory: Check the RAM and SSD solid state drive size (ie: 2-4 GB / 16-32 GB ranges, typically) and again go with the better specs, other things being equal.


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