Best 15 Inch Chromebook 2017 Comparison Shopping Table


Finding The Best 15 Inch Chromebook in 2017

Using “Simplified” Shopping Comparison Table

(Dividing them into Processor Groups)

Updated: June 2017

Best 15" Chromebook Comparison Table (2017)

Core-i5 (5th-Gen 5200U - 2.2GHz Intel Dual Core)

Acer i5 Chromebook-15 CB5
CB5-571-58HF; Jun15

4.85 lbs, 0.97"
4 GB / 32 GB
AC / 8h
1920 x 1080 IPS matte
Acer i5 Chromebook-15 C910
54M1; Jun15

4.85 lbs, 0.97"
4 GB / 32 GB
AC / 9h
1920 x 1080 IPS

Core-i3 (5th-Gen 5005U - 2.0 GHz Intel Dual Core)

Acer i3 Chromebook-15 CB5
CB5-571-362Q; Jun15

4.85 lbs, 0.97"
4 GB / 32 GB
AC / 9h
1920 x 1080 IPS
Acer i3 Chromebook-15 C910
3916; Mar15

4.85 lbs, 0.97"
4 GB / 32 GB
AC / 9h
1920 x 1080 IPS

Celeron Broadwell (3rd Gen 3205U - 1.5GHz Intel Dual Core)

Acer Chromebook-15 CB5
CB5-571-C4T3; Mar15

4.85 lbs, 0.97"
2 GB / 16-32 GB
AC / 9h
1366 x 768
Acer Chromebook-15 CB5
CB5-571-C1DZ; Mar15

4.85 lbs, 0.97"
4 GB / 16 GB
AC / 9h
1920 x 1080 IPS
Regarding Acer Chromebooks 15"s:
The black C910 Series ⇒
  (C910 = "educational series" of the CB5)
   is nearly same as The white CB5 Series...
  (CB5 = "consumer series"... seen in the row above).

Acer Chromebook-15 C910
C910-C453; Jan15

4.85 lbs, 0.97"
4 GB / 16 GB
AC / 9h
1366 x 768

Color Coding

Regarding The Best 15 Inch Chromebook Shopping Comparison-Table (as above) ~

Green – indicates “base” or standard model (ie: standard lower res 1366 x 786 screen and standard lower Ram/SSD Hard Drive of 2 GB/ 16 GB).

Blue – indicates a step up in the Ram or Hard Drive Memory to the 4 GB or 32 GB range, respectively.

Red – Indicates a step up to a higher resolution 1920 x 1080 screen +/- TouchScreen Capability.

Orange – if needed, will indicate other interesting spec differences that I though you might like to know about as we build these tables.

Note:  I’ve colored coded the model/item number differences for you – to help “cross-check” everything, before you push “buy” (hoping to help prevent any mistakes during your online purchases).  

Please Cross-Check:  Much time has been taken to organize all this Chromebook Comparison Table information but still please cross-check anything you think is of critical importance before you buy to assure no mistakes are listed here and that our source information was not incorrect.

“The Big Boat” 


Size Matters

After considering all the various sizes, you have decided that you want to go with the biggest of the available Chromebooks.

Best 15" Chromebook

Chromebook Size Comparison: 11 vs 13 vs 15 inch; Don’t be fooled 2.5 lbs vs 4-5 lbs is huge!

With a screen of 15 inch, you realize that these Chromebooks are big…I mean very big.  They are desktop replacements or alternatives.

We are talking 5 lbs and an inch thick!  Not something that feels like a frisbee that you’ll wrist-flip into your back pack on the run.  

Rather, Five pounds is like a solid “5 lbs bag of flour” or even the weight of a small dog such as a Chihuahua.

However, you are going to love the impressively large screen size – especially if you pick a Full HD (1920 x 1080) IPS display!

And All of These 15 inch Chromebooks, come with Powerful Core-i3/i5 or Broadwell (3rd Gen Celeron) Processors that will make them hum.

Order is Perfection

Although there are not as many choices in the 15 inch Category, you’ll still pull out your hair if you try to compare them all on Amazon.  

Best 15" ChromebookYou’ll literally have to open numerous tabs and scroll down each devices’ page, to the spec section, but even then the task is daunting when comparing more than 2 or 3 models.

Never fear, the Best 15 inch Chromebook Shopping Comparison Table below will do the work for you!  

Each cell of the Table contains one 15 inch Chromebook Photo, its current “real-time” price pulled in from Amazon, and the device’s most important specs in color-coding to help distinguish those from the Chromebook Comparisons within the same Table.

I believe this creative approach to comparing and contrasting these Chromebooks will make shopping a breeze and save you hours of time.  

Since these tables rely on Amazon’s data and ads, so you will need to make sure any browser ad blockers are disabled for this site.  

Thanks in advance, to all of you, for supporting this site by using its affiliate links at the time of you purchase!

Key Differences

As Seen Within The Best 15″ Chromebook Shopping Comparison-Table (as above) ~


  • Core-i3 & Core-i5 (Intel 5th Gen Dual Core) – wow, these are fast.  The Core i-5 Chip is the the Best 15 inch Chromebook Processor. The Core i-3 is right behind the Core-i5.  You’ll pay a more for these powerhouses, but they are the latest greatest of all the 2017 Chromebooks (outside of the Core-is used by Google’s on their own pricey Pixel Chromebooks).  The question here is:  Do you want to pay for more than you need?  It comes down to what you are going to do?….ie: intense gaming or video creation vs more “regular use” movie watching, web browsing, google docs or word press page creation.   I’d guess that 99% of us do not really need a Core-i Chromebook; and will not feel like we are going “slow” a less costly Broadwell 15 inch Chromebook (as below) – but if you have the dough and want the best, go for Core-i!  
  • Broadwell 3205U Celeron (Intel 3rd Gen Dual Core) — the New 3rd Generation Celeron that follows the 2nd Generation 2955U Celeron Haswell.  The 2013 Haswell was very good, but the 2015 Broadwell is even better, and it comes in next in line behind the Core-i3 — but at a much more economical price point. 

* In 2017:  There are no Haswell, Bay Trail, RockChip, Exynos offerings in the 15 inch Chromebook Category – as far as I can tell:  So you’ll have choose, very good (Broadwell) vs excellent (Core-i Series), when it comes to buying a 15 inch Chromebook.  This differentiation seems to come in at about ~$200 price tag differential.  

Side Note:  I do see (4/17) a refurbished Acer 15.6 inch Braswell Dual Core Celeron N3060 for sale on Amazon for ~$200, but come on, its refurbished, and so much slower than the Broadwell or i3s, so I’m not going to make a new row on the table above for it.

Screen Display

  • Get a 1920 x 1080 IPS Screen!  There is only a savings of about $10-30 savings in going with the lower quality display (ie: Acer CB5 C1DZ (1920×1080 IPS) vs Acer CB5 C4T3 (1366 x 768 non-IPS)
  • ISP (In Plane Switching LCD) display is better than the older TFT displays.  ISP has superior color reproduction and wider screen angle viewing.

Other Features

  • Battery Life – not much difference – you’re looking at 8-9 hours for all of these 15 inch Chromebooks.
  • Wi-Fi – all the 15 inch Chromebooks seem to uses the superior AC  (better than the older N or lower Wi-Fi).
  • RAM / SSD – baseline (lowest offerings) seem to be 2 GB / 16 GB among the 15 inch Chromebooks.  If you upgrade: Favor more RAM first — as that will be more noticeable in terms of day to day performance than a bigger SSD (solid state drive).
  • Wt / Thinness – The 15 inch Chromebook Choices all come in at 4.85 lbs and 0.97 inches — No differences here: same outer shell as all are from Acer.
  • CB5 vs C910 – Acer sells these two 15 inch Chromebook lines with nearly identical specs.  The White Acer CB5 Series are made for “general consumers” & the Black C910 Series for “educational use” for students.  The generally more costly C910 15 inch Chromebooks may be a built tougher, given how hard students on computers.


These 15 inch Chromebooks are fantastic.  Great screens.  Speedy Processors.  Long Battery Life.  A bit heavy for a laptop but very light and portable for a desktop replacement.  

Their HDMI ports even allow them to drive another (second) larger stand-alone monitor, blurring the lines between a mobile device and productive fixed workstation.

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