Video Creation with a Chromebook

Video Creation with a Chromebook is Easy


Several Free Video Editors are available at the Chrome Web Store

Several Free Video Editors are available at the Chrome Web Store

As per my last post, Photo editing with a Chromebook is a breeze.  

No need for costly PC or Mac machines with their resource hogging software editors. Likewise, Video Creation with a Chromebook is also very simple — all from the cloud if  you please.

There are many ways to do Video Creation on a Chromebook.  

I haven’t tried them all, but we’ll highlight a few of the easiest ways here. Just open your apps icon (lower right of your screen), go to the Chrome Web Store, and search “video creation” or just search and install the WeVideo, ScreenCastify, Snagit, Clarisketch and test them out to find which method works best for your needs.



Using Screencastify on a chromebook

Let’s start with one of the easiest methods:  ScreenCastify.

This is an extension that sits in your browser waiting for your to click on it and start recording a video of your screen (an open tab or the entire desktop) with or without recording audio through your microphone.

You get up to 10 minutes recording length with the free version.  

It saves your recording to ScreenCastify’s website as an efficient webm file type (which can be uploaded easily to youtube, or converted easily with many of the online free cloud file converters if another file format is desired).

When you click on the browser extension icon, and sign in, it will allow you to upload media from several sources (Google Drive, DropBox, Flickr, Picassa, Box, OneDrive, Facebook or browse your local Chromebook or it’s SD card).    


WeVideo on a Chromebook – all the editing off site through your browser

If you want to do more advanced editing, you can upload the video to another free service such as WeVideo.

WeVideo is like a basic version of Microsoft Movie Maker.  

It allows you to split, trim and delete or merge these tracts.

You can add another audio track or voice over or background music.  

You can add Text to your media including Titles, End Credits, Subtitles etc.  

There are many Themes tp choose from with unique transitions, effects, and style options. Your WeVideo project is stored on the WeVideo server so copies won’t hog up your Chromebooks’ Flash Drive.  

When your finished, the Rendering takes place on their server and you can publish it as an MP4 to YouTube, Google Drive, Vimeo, DropBox as you desire.

Clarisketch on a Chromebook

Clarisketch ScreenCast – more limited but very simple

An even simpler way to record your screen is to install the app called Clarisketch.

You simply take a screen shot or upload an image, open the Clarisketch app, select the image, then hit the Pencil/Record Icon, and then draw and talk.

ClariSketch will Record your Screencast and save it on the Clarisketch Server for you.

From there you can choose make the URL public, or keep it private (and then decide where to share the URL). Using the Private Share Option, with the push of a button choice, ClariSketch can insert the URL directly into the body of a gmail it can create for you, or send it to your Facebook or Google+ account) so that you can decide with whom to share it with.

Clarisketch is more limited than ScreenCast, WeVideo and ScreenCastify, but its simplicity may make it your favorite video creation tool if your needs are basic.

There are numerous other Video Capture and Screen Recording Apps and Extensions to be found in the Google Web Store.  

I only have scratched the surface with a few selected tools as described above.

The fun thing about Chromebooks is that so many Apps and Extensions are free and you can simply give it a try and if you do not like it then simply delete it from your browser and test out a different option.

The main point here, though, is that Chromebooks can be used for Video Editing – even though so many people say they can’t.  

So don’t be shy.  If you have one already, or are going to get a Chromebook, be sure to give Video Creation and Editing a try!


Best of Luck with your Movie and Screen Capture endeavors — from your fellow Chrome-Booker.


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